June 20, 2013 - Schwerin Castle and Warnenumde, Germany

Inside, the castle is pretty neat. Looking at the figurines - and furniture!

The basement has guns -

and cool stained glass windows.

Neat painting.

Back to the actual castle...

This pic of the woodwork is for Ben and Eulalia, who missed this trip for the birth of their third kid. (Congrats!) Throne room.


The kings of Schwerin have enjoyed riches and wild success.

Walking around the grounds.

The whole crew stops for a well-framed picture overlooking the Schwerin See.

The back side of the castle.

Ella was good, so we stop for an ice cream (which was very 'fluffy' - I think whipped or otherwise infused with air).

Walking, but focusing.

After another couple of trains, we're back in Warnemunde. Near harbor-river.

Churches everywhere here.

Old windmills are neat to see.

The walking today was long, but we're finally back at the boat.
That must mean it is time to eat!