June 20, 2013 - Rostock, Germany

The boat arrives in Warnemunde, Germany this morning, but we take the train to Rostock, then to Schwerin. During the layover between trains, we walk around Rostock for a bit.

St. Nikolai-Kirche

Cute chick on a wall.

We stop for a quick picture outside.

Inside, the church is pretty neat, but most surprising are the ships...

Sailors made models of their ships and brought them to the churches so god would remember them throuhg their voyage.

Over near the town square, we spot another cool church.

The town square is very quaint.

The Rathaus. It is their city hall. I wish we were as honest and called out city calls Rat Houses.

Taking the next train to Schwerin.

Passing the time with the Leap Pad.

Schwerin - and a nice walk along Pfaffenteich,

past the library,

to Mecklenburg Strasse, their main shopping street.

We find a shop and make Juli try German beer.
(We are awful and mean host parents.) Encontramos una tienda y le decimos a Juli para tratar la cerveza Alemana. (Estamos horrible padres de acogida ;-).

We have a nice meal of schnitzel with egg (chuleta de ternera con huevo), wurst (chirizo Alemana), and some form of chopped and pickled ham and beets (Google dice "jamón picado y el vinagre, la cebolla y la remolacha").

This is why we took all the trains - Schwerin Castle.

Ella is excited to finally be here.

Such a pretty girl.