June 18, 2013 - Little Mermaid and around Copenhagen

We take the train to a stop near Copehnagen's most famous attraction - the Little Mermaid statue, which was crafter in honor of the Hans Christian Anderson story.

Asian tourists love Ella. I wonder if their caption will call her a 'local' Dane with her yellow hair and blue eyes...

Back to our pictures...

We walk for a couple of miles, past this cool church.

Nice fountain, though.

The guards (which we missed 'change') at Amalienborg Palace (named after the sake chick as the Caribbean island, Charlotte Amalie).

Amalienborg square, with its statue of Freferik V.
The Danish royal family lives here - and you can just walk up to it. Crazy.

Frederikskirke, modeled after St. Peter's in Rome.

We get a brief look inside before they closed - so I ran down the street to this church:

Very Russian.

So many cyclists in Scandanavia, several with this sort of kid-toting contraption.

Random statue.

Back near the north end of Stroget, we decide to stop at the piece of interactive art, where folks rearrange the previous work to spell their own names. Ella had fun, though I'm sure this lasted only an hour or so.

Good job!

The Carlsberg horses. Not exactly Budweiser, considering I look slightly down at them!

They're neat to see, though, even if one tried to nip at me.