June 18a, 2013 - the train to Malmo

Outside the main Copenhagen train station are thousands of bicycles.

Ella gets lost in them.

Where is she?

On the train across the bridge to Malmo, Sweden.

In person (or not on a camera-phone), you could tell this is a line of high-capacity windmills.

We arrive in Sweden and are surprised that they do not like to have fun here. Ella is sad.

We have no idea where we are. We just wandered "that way" from the train station.

We have an uncle that might like this place...

Large square/plaza. We're on the right track - as far as 'getting lost in another country' goes.

This is not our average "Latin American Restaurant."

Lots of enchiladas. Scary names. (Divide by 6.5 to get US$.)

OK, I get that we're doing something wrong here. I just don't understand what/why.

We stumble upon a gorgeous church.
The sign says "S:T PETRI KYRKA"

We go inside.

Lots of gold.

This little alcove was preserved from before the rennovation.

Cool street.

We look for lunch. We do not go here.

We find something like a large Swedish meatball. It is lamb, but in the right sauce and with potatoes, peas, and lingonberries.
It is fantastic!

Full, happy, and meandering back toward for the train station.

Ella against gun violence.

Back at train station.

Being cute.

The ride back to Denmark - and we have a big afternoon in store...