June 17, 2013 - Tivoli rides

Just some extra pictures of rides Ella took.
Getting ready for the first caravan ride.

Carousel with grandmama.

The pulley-tower, where Juli has to hoist the two of them up.

Way later, I get to do the same.

Jill takes Ella on the first dragon ride.

Bouncy tower, which was Ella's favorite for a while as well.

A more serious coaster with grandmama.
Ella was fine the first time through, but the coaster went THREE times.
On the third time, Ella had a jolt and wasn't happy for a while.

The High Top.
Ella didn't like this at all, but I have to give it to her - she tried everything she could ride.

I take Ella on the Viking Ships.

Whoa - what a ride.

I like the giraffe!

A decent glimpse of what the Caravan "kiddie coaster" entails. It is hard to imagine without knowing how fast it goes.

The city buildings behind it are striking as well!

It is awesome to see how excited Ella gets.
Check out behind them - the Tycho Brahe corner. You can ride rides and learn about ancient astronomy at the same time.

Ella's last ride - the dragons.
She is utterly exhausted by the time we get to dinner.
She crashes so hard, but it solidifies her being on Denmark-time.
I probably won't, but I'd love to come bakc when she can do all of the rides.