June 17, 2013 - Copenhagen canal cruise & Tivoli

Tivoli is such a treat. A full, large city block chock full of small, themed corners, lakes, flowers, and wildlife, like this duck and her 12 ducklings.

More rides, including Ella's first roller coaster. It may not look like much, but it is fast.
She kept "woo-hoo-ing" at every hill and turn. Adorable!
She must have seen some others do it, because she stuck her hands up as high as she could.

Jill takes Ella on the Panda, one of Ella's early favorites.

One of the towers.
Poor Juli. Ella picks her for the first two rides that require work. Juli has to pull their way up as the tower slowly rotates.

Grandmama gets to take Ella on the classic car track around a small park and through a quaint covere d bridge.

A local woman stops Ella and gives her a blue bunny (which quickly became Ella's new favorite bedtime toy).
Too shy to do so at first, Ella catches up with her to give her a 'thank you' hug.

Bumper cars - a first for both girls.

After a couple of really rough collisions, Ella doesn't like it. Unfortuunately, all the rides here are really long, so Ella screams for minutes before the ride finally ends.

The other tower...

Viking ships - which whip up and down on the seas.

Cool alley. It is really a neat park!

Oh yeah - the flowers - so many roses and other unusual things.

Like an angel trumpet, but a bit different.

The areas have themes, like this Asian spot with a pagoda and miniature great wall.

Good spot for a family picture.

Ella decides which are her favorite of the 12 rides they let her on.
The caravan (in the middle east section) becomes her favorite. I think she rides it the most - including three straight times with mom and a couple more with dad.


She catches three ducks, which gets her a pinwheel.

Juli isn't a fan of the bouncy tower.

Dragon plans in the atronomy section.

The Tivoli fire crew fixes some water issue.
I just thought the truck was adorable.

Great place.

Getting to know peacocks.

The male puts on a display for the crowd.

I don't know how they fit all of this stuff on a block. It is truly amazing.

If you get a chance, check it out.

On our way back to the store, we pass a sign and think of two specific people we miss back home.

There are a ton of pictures of Ella on various rides at Tivoli.
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