June 17, 2013 - Copenhagen canal cruise & Tivoli

We walk back through the main shopping street, Stroget, and Ella is finally brave enough to take a picture with the troll.

Up the street we go over to Nyhaven, frequent home to Hans Christian Anderson, author of so many children's tales.

Here we are. What a quaint little spot.

Very Amsterdam-y, with its colorful houses and live-on boats.

As recommended by so many (including Aunt Caroline, who told us where to get the best deal), we take a canal cruise - and Ella loves it.

The Royal Yacht is always moored in the harbor.

Our first glimpse of the Little Mermaid (Den Lille Havfrue) is from the water.

I point it out to Ella.

Frederikskirke, which took 154 years to build, is based on St Peter's in Rome (obviously, except the color). Striking.

I really can't remember the name, but we didn't get much closer than this anyway.

They had an international sand castle competition, which seemed pretty nifty.

Back at Nyhaven, Ella climbs on a huge anchor that commemorates WWII.

Then it is into Tivoli, the famous park from the 1800s that inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland.

This is Ella's first amusement park ride - the Light Ships (on which she asked Juli to take her, and which Juli had to pedal to make the car go higher).

There is a small, but bizarre playground here.

Teetering platforms, which challenged me

and Jill.

A ship riding up a wave, which really messes with perspective.

See-sawing with grandmama,

then an adorable local.
Many more pics of Tivoli to come...