June 16, 2013 - To Copenhagen

Ella greets me with an early Father's Day card

and hug!
The perfect treat.

Then we're off to the airport, through JFK to Kastrup to another train to Copenhagen, the first time in Denmark for any of us.

We drop the bags and head off to a museum about a mile away.

We're tired. The only picture I took was of the main atrium.

We all take a quick nap, then hit the town again, refreshed.
Copenhagen City Hall (Radhus) is awesome, as is its Town Square (Radhuspladsen).
We pass it 2-4 times every day.

Nytorv, another large square along the Stroget (main shopping/restaurant street)

Ella chases a pigeon for a while.

We duck down a side street, just because it looks cool.

Helligaandskirken, the oldest church in Copenhagen.

Back on the Stroget.

We hit another square - Hojbro Plads.

Christiansborg Palace - we're really just getting used to seeing such amazing buildings.
The town layout will make more sense to us in the coming days.

Cool canal - and what a neat building. More on that in a couple of days.

In the water is a statue of a merman and his seven sons. Why it is below the water (where it is a hazard to boats), I have no idea.

Helligaandskirken, again.

Dinner. Everything is expensive, but we find a nice place for a Carlsberg and sandwiches.

Some girls on a bachelorette party beg for donations. Ella gives them a 10DKK coin (about US$2) and they try to give her a piece of candy. Ella tells them she can't because she wasn't a good girl at dinner.
She's honest and respects our rules. She's amazing, but we're all exhausted, so we're going back to the hotel to go to bed.