May 23, 2013 - Last day of pre-pre school

So grown-up since
the first day of school.

Still cute, though.

They had a bit of a presentation.
They sang "Wonderful World" in each of the school's featured languages.

The littlest ones weren't really into it.

Ella looks away to find something more interesting.

Apparently her shoes are cooler than the skit.

Afterwards is play-time on an inflatable playground.

She loves slides.

Ella and her teacher for the second half of the year, Ms. Yocet.

Inside, Ella dips her hand in paint (pink of course),

and plants it on the year's banner.

She completes it with her name.

Then out back to play a bit more.

We get home and celebrate the year with popsicles.

Jill put blueberries and raspberries in by request.

Els love them.

Big day for a big girl!