May 17, 2013 - Jack Paris' bris

Never been invited to a bris before, so Jill, Larry, and I we took Evan and Kyle up on their offer.
Here's the setup - a card table setup in Evan's parents' den.

The moyle and rabbi stand to the right of the aforementioned table as they wait for people to file in. Surprisingly, many people stay pretty fr awa. (For instance, Jill and I are in the kitchen.)

Evan's dad has a named part, holding the baby's arms(?).
Forrest soaks the pacifier in in wine (manischewitz, of course) to soothe the crying.

Evan is comforted by his little sister, Audrey, as they look on.

Kyle, who had left the room so as to not hear the heart-wrenching yelps of her 8-day-old, returns to comfort him.

...and then we have the readings.

A dozen or so family members read their parts, mostly in English - some singing (or so they said).

Wine time.


Challah bread.
Wasn't expecting that [on a couple of levels], but it was really good. Seymour made it.

Kyle's brother - all I know him as is "Wompy," but I assume he has another name - gets a turn with Jack.

Jill holds him, as well.

Cute kid!

Jill's in love.
What an unusual spectacle/honor/priviledge to witness.
Thanks for the invite, Evan & Kyle!
Mazel tov!