May 12, 2013 - Botanical Garden

It is a gorgeous late spring day.
We spot a bunny in the front yard as we leave home

for a trip to the Botanical Garden to see the new exhibit.

I call it a horse, but am quickly corrected by Ella, who points out that it is a unicorn.
(I had no idea that she knew what a unicorn is.)

Bad shadow, but I like her closer to the camera.

Carey, Jill, and Els pose by the unicorn, which was our favorite for just a minute until we saw

Mother Earth, overlooking the Cascade Garden. We spot her from the canopy walk.

That means we have a long way to go to see her up close, but a few cool things like these stools to check out first.

There she is again.

I hope the Garden keeps her.

Up the hill, we spot an ogre!

Whoa. Ugly sucker.


Two of 'em!
They have completely different patterns. Amazing.

The crew stops for a short break (and a swing).

Back on the move are the last of the floral sculptures - two fish that spin and spit.

Ella loves the roses and wants a picture.

Jill and Carey join her.

Pictures don't take in all the flowers today.
I don't think I had ever seen the Garden so in bloom before.

Oh - the fish weren't the last sculptures. Check out the dancing berries!

Over to the Children's Garden, where Ella slides and plays.

Like a weed...

Checking out the honey bees.

We always have to look for frogs.

Great day at the Garden!