April 20, 2013 - Dogwood Festival

The morning starts with a stroll through the park.

The highlight of the day is the frisbee dog competition.

Ella likes it,

but loves spending time with Eliza Wilson.

Eliza tries on Ella's sunglasses.
I don't think this worked very well.

Kyle is 7+ months along, but doing well.
Larry is as beautiful as ever.

Across the park are some inflatables, like this massive shark slide (Ella's favorite).

Back to the frisbee dogs.
Nice trick!

Good leap.

What distance!

Some of the handlers really get into it.

Check the dedication.

Brooke and Kevin join the group and play hide and seek under Piedmont Park's massive oaks.

Ella loves some Brooke-time.

So does Kevin.

Oh - and there are arts and crafts and stuff.
The gorgeous day with friends took center stage.