April 7, 2013 - Gardens with the Wilsons

We met Katherine, Rich, and Eliza at the Botanical Garden on a gorgeous April morning.
Ella is so excited to see Eliza again!

What a gorgeous family.

This is mahonia. I love how the flower splits, then splits again.
Its like Dr. Seuss designed it.

The girls enjoy the tulips together.

Els and Juls.

In front of the fountain.

Katherine and Eliza pause at the pictureque spot.

My three girls.

Ella finds a field of tulips.

Then, she finds a wall to walk on.

Eliza finds some flowers and plans to grab.

Inside the Conservatory, the theme is surrealism, which Rich loves.

Umbrellas rain on the flowers, while other shrubs grow upside down.

Nice backdrop.

Ella asked for her picture to be taken - and since she was in such a good mood, how could I refuse?

The Mulcay family, 2013 (with the surreal backdrop of a shoe tree).

Wilson family, 2013.

Not exactly tip-toeing.

Ella shows off a tiny pine cone.

Looking for frogs in the pond.

Found some.

A couple of parting shots, then it is off to the park.

Can't forget a pic with a frog!