March 24, 2013 - Ella's pictures

Ella wakes up a bit messy this morning.

She plays with my phone a bit as she finishes waking up and takes this picture of Julieta.

Self portrait.

We're at a brunch hosted by a co-worker.
With no other kids exactly her age, Ella is bored and gets to play more with my phone.
She doesn't normally get so much time on my phone, but this was a very adult weekend, so we indulde.

Ella takes pictures of her favorite food at the party - ham biscuits,

then her favorite person.

Ashley Smith (my boss' wife) and Beth Atchison (the hostess).

Outside, where Ella would prefer to be, but it is cold and a bit wet.

Ella gives the phone to me and wants me to take her picture.
Pretty girl.