March 17, 2013 - Visiting the Nealons

Early Sunday morning, Ella gets to hold Brooke, while Kara and Joe hang out.

Els is loving it!

After a leisurely breakfast at Casa del Nealon, we go to the Charlotte Airport to watch some planes up close.

It is a bit loud when the firetruck drives by for a practice run,

but the girls like it.

Some planes are louder than others.

Some planes aren't all that loud, but she still holds her ears.

For instance, this CR-J (900?) is too small to be that loud.

I guess it is just so close that she thinks it has to be loud.

Kara climbs over the rocks to hang out with Ella.

Kara is cool with the volume.

Kara can't tear herself away from the planes for a picture.


On the way back to Georgia, we pass the Gaffney peach-butt.

Here's a nice view.

After >15 years of mentioning it, we finally stop by California Dreaming on the way back

We drive straight to my mom's house, where her pear tree is in full bloom.
Ella is so excited to go visit her grandmama!