March 16, 2013 - Visiting the Nealons

On the way to visit the Nealon's, we stop by a nice, new QuikTrip that has our self-service kiosks.
We agree that the Sheetz kiosk menus and coffees are better, but it is nice seeing my software and hardware in more places!

We arrive early in the afternoon.
Ella is so excited to meet baby Brooke.

Sweet kiss.

Outside, Kara shows Ella how to ride a tricycle fast.

The car is more Ella's speed.

Soon, Ella realizes she can push the car.

Kara is still tearing it up on the tricycle.
She's really fast!

Ella finds pushing to be more fun.

Kara's turn!

For dinner, Joe makes great pizza. We enjoy that and some wine and talk until the wee hours before crashing.
(OK, we made it to like 11pm, but that's about as late as we can go these days. Besides, as Uncle Wayne would say, 11 has two 1s, so that's a really small number.)