March 6, 2013 - Face paint

It is nearly spring in Atlanta.
We head to Gibbs to check out their gardens.

Jill and Ella enjoy the Japanese Gardens.

Juli likes the zigzag bridge.

Ella helps the little statue read his book.

In a tree!

The statues are so fun.

Three girls on a log.

The highlight - the millions of daffodils.

For the first time, we take the tram to see the daffodils.

The girls enjoy it.

Having a nice stroll up the hills toward the manor house.

What a view up here!

She loves posing!

Strolling down the hill...

Still carrying the bird as we apprach the house.

Els walks back, though, and stops to climb on the bear.
It's tradition.

She enjoys a little freedom and takes the long way around the lawn.

It isn't exactly warm today, but we all enjoy the morning outside in the sun.
So looking forward to spring!