Mar 2, 2013 - Frogtown Winery & Babyland General

After the zoo, we headed back to a winery we past earlier this morning.


We have a nice view of their grounds as we sit for a light lunch and wine tasting.

Popular place.

Great setting.

Great place for a picture of my beautiful girls.

Since mom and dad had their treat, time for another Ella-oriented stop.

I'm so glad she likes having her picture taken.

Apparently in the CPK craze of the 80s, even Warhol got into the action, painting a few pictures.

Ella enjoys looking all around the store.

She is intrigued by the big tree.

We witness the birth and adoption of a baby doll.

In front of the nursery.

She loves this place. We'll have to go back. Thank goodness for that conveniently-located winery!