Mar 2, 2013 - North Georgia "Zoo"

It is still colg in Georgia, but we don't want to sit around, so we go up to Cleveland to the North Georgia "Zoo".

Ella is hoping to see her favorite animals.
When we asked, she wanted to see zebra and goats.
Their website says they're featuring 28 babies, many of which are adorable sheep.
We get a bucket of feed and go around making friends.

I love the various llamas and alpacas.

Ella is adorable with the sheep.

Goats. (Check.)

As cold as the day is (and as depressing as the "zoo" is), Ella is having a great time.


"Hi, llama!"

Feeding a cow.

Els gets to pet a sheep, too.

We bundle up and move on.

Having a fun day with mom and dad!