Feb 23-24, 2013 - Swimming in Fort Myers

We went down to visit dad & Suzanne for a quick, relaxing weekend getaway.
We just took a few pictures of Ella the first day we arrived in Ft. M.
With the travel and the delay, we were all a little tired, but Ella wanted to swim, so that's what we did!

Ella prepares to jump in.

We're not sure what's up with the arms, especially considering that

she pulls them down to jump in.

I love that she loves to swim.

Big splash.

She gets brave and lets me throw her.



And another!

Ella loves the pool. What a welcome change from February in Atlanta.

The next morning starts off in the birdcage again,

where Ella likes looking at the birds and lizards.

OK. Let's start the swimming again.

No 'easing in' for Ella. Just jump!

Let's do some actual swimming today.

Practicing her starfish.

There she goes.
This is key for when she needs to take a break or grab a breath.


Done swimming for the day and enjoying the sun.

Since dad and Suzanne had a charity golf tournament, we went to the beach.
The sand was soft,

but the red tide meant lots of dead fish in the water.

A crew comes through picking up all the fish and hauling them away.
We still enjoyed playing in the soft sand and looking for shells away from the water a bit.

Before we head back to the house, we go for lunch - crabs boiled in butter.

Messy, but great.

We all get into the spirit of it, which starts with the bib

and quickly moves to the hammers.
Enough of the pictures; we have to eat!