Feb 17, 2013 - Teté's and Justin's wedding

Let the line dancing begin!

Mel tries to teach Ella, but

someone has some creepage.

Who, Caas!

Teté and Ella dance like they're watching the Super Bowl halftime show (over and over).

Ella wants to dance with Juli, too!

Heeeeeeyy... seexxyy LLAAAA-daaaayyy!

More line dancing (I think - not sure what the purple shirt is doing).

It'll be a while before I get to dance with Teté again, so I'll make the most of it.

She does, too, showing me how a latino moves his hips.

The boquet!


Adriana catches it.
That makes the trip from Lazaro all worth it.

Justin enjoys taking off the garter.

The guys are ready for it, jockeying for position...

the jump...
Who is going to catch it?

Oh... Since Adriana can't catch a flight home right now, she sits down and makes the most of it.

Justin, a little worse for wear, takes his new sister for a spin on the dance floor.

...a sweet moment to end it all.
Justin gets a slow dance with his mom.
What a great wedding, a great reception, and a great day!
Congrats again!