Feb 17, 2013 - Teté's and Justin's wedding

Justin and Teté pull up at Kingwood Resort for the reception.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen all dance in, two-by-two, starting with Mel and Dave.

Adriana and Sam.

Karen (Teté's sister) and Ben.

(I missed Caas and Dylan. Oops.)
Mrs. and Sra. Justin Davis.

Els looks on at the first dance.

They dance beautifully

- and Ella is really into it.

(I play with the focus, not deciding which I like better.)

Ella is sad. She wants to dance with daddy.

Instead, we watch and wait for our turn.

Before dinner, we have some toasts.

Teté shares a moment with her chicas.

Uh oh. Someone finds a disposable camera.

She is loving it!

Ella chats it up with some of Teté's family.

Teté goes around thanking everyone for coming.
She and Lolly almost tear up.
Wipe 'em away because it is almost time to dance!!