Feb 17, 2013 - Teté's and Justin's wedding

The church is ready.

The wedding is about to start, but Teté is still putting finishing touches on the bouquets.

Beautiful girls!

Ella is the flower girl.
She knows what to do, but is a little nervous.

Her mommy has her relaxed and laughing, though.

Showtime for the kids.
August (aka Gusy) does his part as ring bearer with papa Josh helping out a bit.

At the end of the aisle, Mel holds Ella while Adriana and Caas wait for the bride.

Here she comes.
An eager Justin walks down the aisle to meet her.

Time for the vows,

then the kiss.

No need to blush Justin; you're married. You can kiss her all you like.

Teté's parents join the ceremony via Skype.

After the wedding, Caas and Gusy watch the picture-taking.

Justin's newly extended family.

Josh (Gusy's dad and Caas' host dad), Gusy, and Caas pose with the happy couple.

Justin and Teté with her surrogate Atlanta family.
Congratulations you two. We are so happy for you!