Feb 17, 2013 - Morning in Clayton, GA

After a fantasticly typical southern breakfast, we head over to Telulah Gorge, the 900-foot deep canyon - the deepest east of the Mississippi River.

Wow - it is long way down, but that's about it.

So, we had over to the local attraction, "Goats on the Roof."
Yes, I realize that is a chicken, but it is important where she's going...

She's going to sit next to the namesake goats.

For $0.50, you can get a ice cream cone of feed and crank it up

to an awaiting animal.

Ella and I are enthralled.

The goat is pretty pumped-up, too!

Around the side is a pen with a mommy and daddy goat with three kids, which Ella adored.

I love to see her interact with animals...

If only she liked human kids as much as caprine ones.

She loves feeding them

and eventually warms up to papa, when she realize he isn't going to give up.

Nice tongue!

Parting shot of the cute kids.
Time to go get ready for the wedding!