Feb 16, 2013 - GymDogs in Athens

It is a beautiful day, though very cold.
The Japanese magnolias in Athens are in full bloom.

Inside the Coliseum, Ella enjoys myriad activities, starting with a balloon artist that makes her a ladybug bracelet.

Next, she gets a pink heart on her cheek,

then pink hairspray.
(It is the annual "pink-out" meet in honor of a UGA gymnast who was diagnosed with breast cancer while still a student athlete.)

It looks red here, but it is really pink.

Els makes a poster to cheer on the GymDogs.

Practicing the balance beam with Julieta.

All alone on the moonwalk, like Ella prefers.

After a while, Ella is OK with the other kids.
(She did not like them for a long time.)

The meet is about to begin.
Julieta looks great in her red and black, despite the fact that back home,
CARC, her football team's rival, NOB is black and red.

Is that Ben VanFosson?
Nope. It is Georgia quarterback, Aaron Murray.

On to the gymnastics...

Just a couple of interesting shots...

Then, after Jill almost runs into Aaron, I get one parting shot of him. He appears to be giving me a "not cool, dude" look.
Yes, it wasn't cool to take a shot with my telephoto lens across the inside of the Coliseum. Oh well.