Feb 14, 2013 - Valentine's, Farewell Teté

Ella looks so pretty in the Valentine's outfit that Lolly & Pop gave her.

She loves the hearts.

Nice hairdo!

That night, I get to grill for the group - steak and lobster tails.

Justin joins us for dinner tonight.

We give Teté a goodbye present, a sweet picture of Ella.

Since he's here, it is a good time to give Teté and Justin their wedding present.
(They get married on Sunday.)

Els helps open it.
Six different bottles of wine.
Interesting start.

Now on to the big present.
Ella and Juli assist.

A wine fridge.


I enjoy mine - perhaps a bit too much.

We've had a great two years together, but now she is leaving us to live with Justin.

It's OK. Ella approves.

Els really loves Teté, but she also loves Julieta.

A last picture of my girls,

Then Teté leaves.
Thanks, for everything, é!

For the first time, Ella cries as her au pair leaves.
She's never really understood it before. To be honest, I don't think she's ever truly missed them after they leave.
But she understands this time.
It is really OK, though. Tomorrow, she's happy and normal. She loves Julieta so much that five minutes of crying is all there is, then back to her normal, happy self.