Feb 9, 2013 - Beautiful Saturday with Horses, Forts, and Wynton

We went to the park on the first gorgeous day of the year. On the way, we saw something and had to stop to get out, but it was cold, so I gave Ella my shirt.

It swallowa her.

She looks like Hermione!

This is what we came to see - an equestrian competition!

So many horses!

We see one up close as we were leaving.
His name is Charlie.

His handler, Jordan, invites us to pet him.
Nice horsey.

Jordan puts Ella on the horse.
She doesn't like it,

but she likes looking at him.

This is what we were going for - Wills Park.

It has a huge fort!

Mommy chases Ella down the slide.

Happy to have made it out alive.

Dinner that night was at Ecco with Brooke and Kevin.
Good place - great company.

We go to the Wynton Marsalis concert. At intermission, I see this whilst in line for a vodka-soda.

Great show.
Thanks for the tickets, Kevin and Brooke!