Jan 25, 2013 - Julieta Arrives!

Months ago, we found Julieta, a girl who we thought would be a great au pair for Ella.

We Skyped with her.
She interacted with Ella, talking to her, showing her dolls and generally having fun.

Her mom's boyfriend drew this great picture of Ella.

Today, she finally arrives in Atlanta, so we all go to the airport to pick her up.

We're excited!

She's here! Ella is so happy, she jumps over to Julieta.

Big hugs!


Ella gives Julieta her 'welcome' sign.

Ella takes her hand and won't let her go.

We go collect Juleta's bags

and leave the airport as a family.

At home, Ella shows Julieta the house and all her new toys.