Jan 19, 2013 - Children's Museum

We finally check out the Atlanta Children's Museum.
Ella makes a bee-line for the John Deere.

Then, it is off to the grocery store, where she collects food in her shopping cart.

Moving packages down the conveyor belt.

Fishing in the pond.

Up the rope ladder and

into the fort...
So much stuff here!

Across the sort

and down the slide.

To the weather center!

We stop for a long time at the sandbox.

The sand is moldable and doesn't stick to your hands or make a mess.

I bury Ella's hands in it.

Off to the drawing room.

Ella takes over a spot someone else had abandoned...

and makes a big ole circle.

By request, mom helps Ella make a house.

What a train set!

Tap dancing in the studio.

Big jump!

We end in the garden, sort of back where we started in a way.
It isn't exactly for adults, so it may be a while before we come back, but we'll have to; Ella really liked it.