Jan 7-10, 2013 - NCR Sales Kickoff

This year started off with some crazy travel.
Monday-Thursday in Orlando for presentations.

Some were like this...

Some were like this.

Some had background music provided by the Orlando Symphony Orchestra (at 8am - and again at 11am).

We had the conductor from the Boston Philharmonic, who most of us agreed was the best motivational speaker we'd ever heard.

Nuttin' but Strings (from 'America's Got Talent') woke us up the second day

before more of these presentations.

The last night was at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

We rented the park with all of its restaurants, bars,

and rides.
I rode this one too many times.
(Or I ride it an acceptable number of times after one too many drinks. Hard to tell. Same thing.)

Parting night shot of the castle, then off to bed I go to catch an early flight home before doing it all again next week.