Misc, 2013 - Aquarium

After ballet lessons, Ella gets rewarded with frozen yogurt.

Playing in the park.

Ella always uses bark as both goods and currency when manning the General Store.

Ella's stroller is in a state of near-retirement, its treads worn down by countless miles pushed - and several trips, dozens of flights, and at least eight countries visited.

She wanted to sit in the car. No idea where this was...

Perhaps her last day of her first year of school.

Carolan and Jay came over to watch a football game with us a while back. Ella enjoyed them (until she had to go to bed at halftime).

Jill and I went to dinner on the Buford town square, not knowing that Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore were filming a movie there that night. The crew turned this Dollar General (still open, actually) to Johnson's Pharmacy. I do not know the name of the movie, but it should come out mid-to-late 2014, I'd guess.