Dec 29, 2012 - Leaving DC & the big girl bed

On the last morning, all the kids line up by the Christmas tree in the hotel lobby.

As the Ayers leave for their train, we have time for one quick picture.
It is a really good one!

That night, Ella (who had slept in a big girl bed all week - a fold-out couch in our hotel room) asked for her own big girl bed.
So, we had one last picture on front of her crib,

then I took the front off.

Ella was immediately excited about it.

She went a little crazy for a moment

(for Ella)

She sat on the edge, just to try it out.

Really excited.

OK, time for bed.

Jill puts Ella to bed.
Ella slept through the night - and didn't get out of bed in the morning. She asked us to come get her to get her out of bed. What a great little girl!