Dec 28, 2012 - Ella at the Monuments

OK, I play favorites. With all the previous kids around, I still took more pics of Ella than the rest.
So, I thought I'd go with it and give Ella her own page.

We start at Jefferson.

Ella continues to love stairs.

So independent (when there is no one around).


The fountains at FDR.

She spent a lot of time with Fala.

Els loves pictures. Conveniently,pictures love Ella.

I think she likes the short section of the wall.

So innocent. She has no idea what it means.
In a way, I sort of wish I didn't know what it means, either.
I wish none of us knew.
The things that children teach us...

A lighter note: Smithsonian Castle with her new Rudolph doll.

A little late-night statue climbing.
It is never too late for that.