Dec 28, 2012 - Monuments

We start off Friday morning by walking around the basin to see the monuments.

A Marine hilo gives us a nice photo op.

Jill and Els at the FDR memorial

Carmala and Ben enjoy it, too.

Actually, we spend a lot of time here, playing in the fountain.

The girls pose with Elenor.

Thirty minutes into our time at FDR, we finally see him.

Aunt Caroline, mom, and Jill wait in the bread line.

The girls enjoy the man in the chair with wheels.

The Korean Memorial.

I really like this one.

The reflecting pool from the Lincoln Memorial.

Speaking of which...

Abe, center of the most popular memorial we visit today, looks out at the masses.


We walk to lunch at the American History Museum and get a nice view of the White House.

We're rewarded for our long, long walk with some family time at the hotel.

An Ayerstravaganza.

We head out for a quick cocktail hour before dinner.

Aunt Bridget does "orange lips."

Grandmama and Quinn enjoy our dinner at Legal Sea Foods.

Paul's thinking of starting a nursery during his next sabbatical.

Back at the hotel, it is time to use up a little energy before bedtime.

Cute kids!