Dec 27, 2012 - Air & Space, Native American Museums

We start off at Air & Space.

There is a children's area, which was super-cool.

You get to play with wind

and learn about drag and lift.

Ella wanted to go back to the airplane again.

As we walk around the rest of the museum, Jill, Ella, & Kelsey pose in front of a replica of the Eagle.

I get the girls for the Flyer.

Next stop: the Native American museum.

Its kids area was super-cool as well.

Ella likes the boats

and the teepee.

The kids all get to make an igloo (which is to say that the kids give the adults and excuse to build an igloo).


Stair-stepping with a view.

Ella helps weaves a big basket!

Taxi time, but where are we going next?