Dec 26, 2012 - Natural History Museum

Snowy day in D.C.
Ella wanted to go outside after breakfast and check it out, so we did.
She got cold quickly, so we went inside, bundled up, and went back out.

Once we get to the Museum of Natural History, Ella and Carmala celebrate freedom from the coats and the cold.

Inside, I have to take a picture of the most bizarre armadillo.

Ella enjoys looking around.

Sean and Ella watch a movie with Aunt Caroline.

Els enjoys the bronze statues.

Ella is excited to see the dinosaurs.

Most of the kidlings with a mammoth.

Over in the mineral area, Ella plays in a hollow stone.

The main attraction...

What a cool hall.

The kids enjoy the overlook.

Gearing up and getting ready to head back out in it.

Back at the hotel, we go downstairs to the basement to play cards, drink wine with the family,

play games with the kids,

play all sorts of things with grandmama,

enjoy exotic chocolates with Paul

and play with big sister's purse.