Dec 23, 2012 - Christmas Morning

Because it isn't the date, it is about the time with family... but it is mostly about Ella...

Ella comes around the corner and sees that Santa came!

She's excited - and speechless.

Before she makes it to the stairs, she has to stop and look some more.

Finally downstairs, she attacks the bounty.

A high chair and bassinet for her dolls.

A play castle that she can color.

She immediately blockades herself in.

We love this cute squirrel game.
You give it a spin,

then use a squirrel to pick up a matching acorn and put it in your tree stump.

Els likes it, too.

Back to the baby toys.

Finally, she gets to play with the Leap Pad.

It has games, stories, videos - tons of interactive entertaining.

Over at the Nall's for the family Christmas gathering, Ella gets her picture taken with Ashley.

Golf cart ride!

We have fun with a white elephant gift exchange.

The night starts and end with good family time.
Best Christmas ever - and it has just started...