Dec 22, 2012 - Christmas Eve

Because it isn't the date, it is about the time with family... but it is mostly about Ella...

It starts with an awesome family dinner (with a bonus - Palak!).

Then onto presents. (This way, Ella gets to play with them for a few days before we abandon them and go to Washington DC.)

Ella is excited about all the presents!

First up - a new coat. (Perfect timing. It is going to be cold in DC.)

Chrismas sock monkey!

Horsey purse (which she occassionally calls a llama).

Play dough tools.

Matching shirt/skirt set for her and baby Stella.

Another stroke of good timing - a cute, wool bunny hat.

Dora legos...

a Christmas train ornament.

A Leap Pad - what will become a huge help on the airplane.

Wind-up trucks, like she has as Lolly & Pop's.



Digital camera. (More pics later.)

Cinderella-ella-ella dress.

Hello Kitty Georgia shirt (more pics in a couple of days).

more Play Dough (which we pace to keep some pristine for future destruction).

Big hugs!




Lolly gives Jill some Christmas measuring spoons.

Mom gives Jill her traditional Russian tea (which never gets old).

Els gives Lolly & Pop a card that she and Teté made.

Ditto for mom. I wish I got a picture of it. She used her toes to make the shapes. It was awesomely creative.

On to the toys. Ella is excited about the camera. The dual eye-holes crack us up.

Ella immediately gets the hang of taking the pictures.

but I have to show her how to review her work.

After a great Christmas Eve, Santa brings a few more things over. So nice of him to accomodate our schedule this year... but those pics are for tomorrow...