Dec 10, 2012 - Making cookies at Grandmama's

(All captions courtesy of 'grandmama.')
Ella is napping now - she said she wasn't sleepy, so I told her she just had to lie down and rest, but didn't have to sleep. She was out like a light.
She had a busy morning, mostly playing with the Dora dollhouse. She talked the whole time, pretending to be which ever character she was cute.

We made cut-out sugar cookies before lunch so they would be ready to eat after lunch.

She loved putting on the sprinkles,

but she has an uneven hand - some were all sprinkles and some were hardly sprinkled at all.

I couldn't do much for the over-sprinkled ones, but added a few more on the bare ones. I'm sending some home with her so you can see them and eat them, too.

Note that she chose the most-sprinkled cookie to eat.