Dec 12, 2012 - Friends Christmas Party

Kyle starts off the evening with a little "Gaby glass" of wine, which she prentends to feed to the bump.

The highlight of the night is the gift exchange.

Kevin explains this year's rules.

Somehow, Evan finds himself going upstairs to get his gift, which we'll see later.

Brooke opens a large box.

Beth brought a painting done by an African elephant. Awesome.

After it is all over, Kevin and Janay play with a miniature cornhole set.

Evan whittles at something as Tigger and Barack look on.

Larry shows off his hoola-hoop prowess.

After another couple of hours, this is what game-time turned into.

Whoa... what's going on here?
OK. Concentrate.

No. No. Go back. Unfocus. Unfocus.

No - don't join them!


The next morning, Brooke gives Ella a Christmas present...

It is a collection of Roald Dahl books, which Ella quickly loves.

Big hugs.
Thanks, Brooke!