Nov 25, 2012 - Decorating the Tree, then Santa and his Reindeer at Wakoola

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is decoration day at the Mulcay house.
Jill lets Ella hang ornaments this year.

She's so careful.

She really looks at the ornaments before she hangs them,

mimicking mommy and saying things like

"this one is really special."

She focuses on certain areas, making the tree pretty heavy down low.

She recognizes her name on the ornament Teté's sister, Karen gave her last year.

She likes it.

Focusing on the bottom-right.

Doing a great job...


OK, so it is a bit bottom-heavy, buy we think it is cute, so we leave it.

Time for the other tree.

We let Ella put the angel on top.

After decorating, we head to Wakoola, a local backyard/garden/fountain shop.
Santa is here for pictures. (His elves are here help with people-management.)

My co-worker's wife works here, so he surprises my as Santa Frog.

The professional photographer takes some cute pictures to warm up.

Ella is NOT happy to see Santa!

The cool part (and why we are here) is the real reindeer!

So, we rescure Ella and get a quick family picture in an effort to calm her down. It doesn't work very well, but I still like the picture.