Nov 21-22, 2012 - Thanksgiving

Carmala came into town yesterday. Today, she came over for dinner

and play-time.

The next morning is Thanksgiving. We get to grandmama's for breakfast and more play-time.

Uncle Wayne reads to Els and 'Mala.

Aunt Bridget is here, too. She plays in the driveway with the girls.

Ella loves the leaves.

Els and 'Mala chatter and jabber and play with each other. They're fun to watch.

Daniel doesn't want to be left out!



Thanksgiving lunch.

The children's table.

After lunch, we head to the Nall's place for Thanksgiving dinner.

They re-did the kitchen and living area.
(Glimpse of
the past.)

Everyone's enjoying it.

After dinner - playtime

then some puppy love with Niki.