September, 2012 - a compendium of daily updates from Teté

She loves blocks everywhere!!!

She's been sooo good today!!

Happy to wear skirt again

Waiting for her turn!!
She did sooo good at the bookstore!!!


As pretty as the fall!!!

The other girl was late, and Ella took the next class cause she didn't want to leave!!

Happy as every day!!!

Love this pic...

She looks so big today!!

Fun at the avenue

Walking around the neighborhood
Other story: We were going upstairs to change Ella, she's holding her baby with one hand and showing me the sheep with the other one, when she's step back and starts looking around, where's my baby tete? I wanna take her upstairs with me. I let her a little bit and ask her, Ella what's in your other hand?? When she realized we both started laughing. Was very cute and funny!! Hope you're having a good day!!

Dancing the hokey pokey

It's a beautiful day and we made a stop at the playground after our classes!!