Oct 31, 2012 - Halloween

Ella didn't want to wear her new costume, so she went back to the Ladybug costume Teté gave her.

Ready to trick-or-treat.

Time for the first house.

Let's see if Ella will ring the bell...

Yes - and Jessica comes out to give Ella her first treat.

Next house - across the street.

More treats.

Ella's getting brave by now...

Someone doesn't rake much...

Ella can't reach this doorbell, but luckily someone comes to her rescue.

Whoa... mad rush.

Cool decorations.


This guy had zippers that opened his eyes. So awesome.

Wow. This wins yard of the month.

I love the garage door mausoleum.
Great titles!

I'm starting to think that Ella is getting too brave for her own good.

The fog machine masks the alien spacecraft.

Lots of lights. About a month or so early, but cool.

Time to make sure all the candy is safe.

This wins 'neatest gift,' which was accompanied by a random foreign coin and a piece of candy.