Oct 27, 2012 - Eliza's 1st Birthday

The party was really a gathering of friends and barbeque, but for some reason, I didn't take any pictures until...


"Daddy, I'm dressed like a cupcake. If I eat this, what will that say about me?"

Clearly it is, because pappa Wilson entices Eliza was some icing.

Spirit fingers.
(Nine and a half of them.)

Dames photographs the group. No idea what Rich finds so hysterical.

Finally, Eliza gets into it.


Fozzy looks up for scraps.

Oooo... Gooey mess!

There's the happy family.
What a good-lookin' trio!

Handfull o' cake.

Rich goes in for a little Eliza-love.

"Why so many pictures?"

Meanwhile, inside, a lady bug plays with a lion.

Eliza's all cleanedup and ready to play.

Els is playing with Fozzy.
If only the girls would play together...

Oh - they are!

So cute. Tough to say who's enjoying it more.
They're very cute together.