Oct 19, 2012 - Cali Cruise, d6

Ella's first excursion to Mexico. We're in Ensenada.

There is a blowhole-ish cravasse that sends water like 60 feet into the air.

We love to see it.

It is really cool.

This is a tourist Mexico. Shops. Hecklers. I don't know what Teté thinks, but this is the Mexico many Americans know.

Ella gets a purse,

which she loves.

Outside a bar.

A touristy bar. OK, I stop for a couple of beers, but I'm a tourist

Anyone want a t-shirt.

When we get back to the boat, we see a group of sea lions near the pier.
Interesting day, but we get to relax on the boat a bunch. Tomorrow, we head back to the real world. Great trip!