Oct 18, 2012 - Cali Cruise, d5
San Diego

This is going to be a great day. We've been so looking forward to this for Ella.

First, a couple of bus rides.

Then we're at the San Diego Zoo.

So many elephants!

Crazy birds.

California Condors.

Ella's in awe.


Sloth bears.

Brown bears.

Sun bears.

Big giraffes.

Ella isn't smiling here, but she is very happy.

Ah - she's happy here with 'the Uncle Wayne.'

Time for sky buckets!

There are nine of us, so we have to take three buckets.

The views up here are amazing.

On the other side of the park, we see polar bears.

So cute.

Ella pretends to be a seal.

Some male zebra is happy to see us.

They have pandas, too.

I love the aviaries!

So do the girls.

Well, hello there.

Hey, Sean... Okapi!

One of our favorite exhibits is the hippos.
They so playful.

They're like underwater ballerinas.

So cute.

and a little frisky.

As we head back to the front of the park to exit, Ella is in denial. She's figuring out where to go next...