Oct 17, 2012 - Cali Cruise, d4
Catalina Island

It is really foggy this morning.

We tender to the island, which is really creepy because where the fog is really thick, you can barely even see the water, much less anything in front of you.

But we all make it.

It is a nice little island.

Ella finds some places to climb and pose.

She loves these stairs!

We don't make it beyond the gate that is the mile-walk to the casino.

Els plays here, too.

There's the casino. It isn't a gambling hall. It is more of an entertainment venue.

Once the fog burns off, we finally see the quaint harbor.

Ah. There's the casino.

We walk around the town for a little while and get some wine so we can make it the next couple of days.
(We were starting to get worried.)

Tendering back to the boat to relax (and eat more).