Oct 16, 2012 - Cali Cruise, d2
Santa Barbara

After the first winery, we head to Solvang, a quaint little Dutch village where some people buy sandwiches and other people steal quilts.

Then off to the next winery - Sunstone.


Teté and Els sit outside as we go in.

We belly-up to the bar and enjoy some wine.

Our car waits for us behind the cool arch.

Carey poses with some pumpkins in a festive fall setting.

A quick group photo at Sunstone, then off to


They have wine to spare here...

we do our best to help them finish it off.

Having a good time.

Els even gets into it, sipping a bit of vino blanco.

Els poses with mommy by a big cask,

then climbs in.
OK. She's cut off. No more wine for her.

Uncle Wayne plays with some little gourds.

Back in Santa Barbara, we walk around the town.

Now, why would anyone need to be warned not to dive here?
You can see a bit of water about 150 yards to the left.
You just don't see this stuff if you haven't been drinking.

OK. That's a strange sign, too.

Santa Barbara is a scenic place.

Back off the boardwalk and up to the boat.

Hey - that's one of Ella favorite books!