Oct 16, 2012 - Cali Cruise, d2
Santa Barbara

We tender into Santa Barbara harbor for a wine-filled day.

We toast with champagne. Ella has her orange juice.

She loves drinking from the flute.

Our driver points out the hotel from the movie, 'Sideways.'
(I totally don't remeber that part.)

Finally, we are in the Santa Ynez valley. Where should we go first??

Let's go to Rusack!

Convenient. We're already here.

Happy to be outside the car!

So picturesque.

Whaty a setting for a wine tasting.

Relaxing, quaint, familial.

Good wine, too!

I think Uncle Wayne doesn't want to wander too far from the pourings.

Teté and Ella chill inside with a book and an Uncle Wayne.

Els wants to play outside in the vineyard.

There she goes.

These grapes taste kinda neat on the vine, but really good in my glass!

What neat grounds.

As we leave, we spot a hummingbird browsing through the flowers.

Beautiful girls!

One winery down, two to go. Having a fun day!